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       y paintings are about a sense of place and are a reflection of places I have visited and often think about, from the bustling and vibrant cities of the Far East, to the soft Irish coastline or the mysterious and ancient woodlands of the United Kingdom.

I work in oil and cold wax and also water based mediums. My process involves building up and scraping back layers of paint, adding and deconstructing, looking at positive and negative space and the interplay of colours placed together. Each painting has many layers, making the surface subtle and intriguing.


The paintings show a personal approach, where emotion, wonder, obsession and longing belong, a world within a world.

I live and work in Liverpool, I completed my degree at Central School of Art and Design and went on to work as a freelance textile designer for Liberty and Sanderson’s before beginning a thirty year teaching career, teaching Fine Art in schools and Further Education. In 2016, I decided to leave teaching to concentrate on my own work.

I exhibit throughout the country and my paintings are in private collections across the world. My tree paintings are featured in two books, The Liverpool Art Book and Women – Inspiring Quotes & Artistic Responses.


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